What is Arthena?

Martinus agens illas provincias pro praefectis aerumnas innocentium graviter gemens saepeque obsecrans, ut ab omni culpa inmunibus parceretur, cum non inpetraret, minabatur se discessurum: ut saltem id metuens perquisitor malivolus tandem desineret quieti coalitos homines in aperta pericula proiectare.
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The Bonnat family

I love being a web designer and I’m incredibly thankful that I decided to join this industry many years ago. Still, despite my love of this profession, there have been a number of times during my career when my passion has waned and I’ve found myself simply going through the motions instead of fully applying myself to my work. This scenario is likely familiar to many of my fellow web designers. It is called burnout. Read more